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My Lighthouse

The U.S. Lighthouse Association rents out light houses on the shores of  Washington for vacationers every year. A family in our congregation informed me of this as they came back from spending their week secluded at the ocean’s edge. The thrill of it is; it’s more than a vacation. You actually get to live like a lighthouse keeper for the extent of your stay. You are in charge of the light house. While it’s not   necessary to keep the light going anymore, that’s all automated, the keeper raises the flag every day, opens the lighthouse for tourists, and conducts tours for hikers making the trek out the spit to see these remarkable structures and to catch the view from the top.


Have you ever visited a light house? Have you ever been in a ship out to sea seeing the light of one from the shore? My last visit to the top of one was on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and that was nearly twenty years ago. Even then, the necessity of light houses for navigational purposes was a relic of the past.


Before the days of global positioning, systems radar beacons, and other high-tech navigational aids, a light house served a vital purpose. Its light marked the rocky shores and guided ships through turbulent waters. Turbulent waters are an apt metaphor for life as well as seafaring. A surprise diagnosis,        cutbacks in the workplace, friends moving away, we never know what’s coming around the corner. What can guide us through a life that sometimes feels like sailing in the darkness? Jesus called himself the “light of the world.” (John 8:12)


He said, “Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you. The one who walks in the darkness does not know where he is going.” (John 12:35) Alright, this passage is about walking, not sailing, but Jesus spent his fair share of time on the Sea of Galilee as well.


What would you like more light shed on in your life? Where does it feel like you are groping in the darkness? How has our  Savior been there to bring light?


When we know and trust in Jesus, we not only are those who have the light, but he has made us light house keepers. Give a tour. Show others where to find the light too!


In Jesus,

Pastor Mike






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