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We Made It!

Greetings from Minneapolis, Minnesota!

I (Anya--the blonde Whitworth student in many of these pictures you'll see) am happy to report all youth and youth leaders have safely arrived from Spokane to Minneapolis today! After a full day of travel, we've all retired to our rooms at Crowne Plaza sleepy and excited for the adventures of tomorrow. 

Our day mainly consisted of venturing through airports and riding in vans in order to get to Minnesota, though most of us were able to break in our walking shoes by exploring downtown a bit while the few went for a grocery run. Minnesota is beautiful in the summer and today was no exception. After walking an estimated 3 miles, Ben rewarded the youth with ice cream from Izzy's (see pictures) and brought us back to the hotel. Once we were all back together, we debriefed today and planned for tomorrow in our (Susan and I) room. It seems that despite how tired the youth are already, they are all excited to explore the Mall of America before attending tomorrow's Mass Event in the evening. I am quite excited too, if I may add, even with being a leader (since I feel like we get just as much out of these conferences as the youth!).

I'll add pictures we took today at the end of this post--stay tuned for what I'm sure will be entertaining stories of adventures to come!


Anya Nordling

Holy Cross youth group


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